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Opti-MINDS State Finals - Results


​Our school’s Language Literature and Science Engineering teams participated in the awesome Opti-MINDS State Finals held at the University of Queensland last weekend. It was a huge event, with over 110 teams from throughout Queensland and Western Australia participating. Our fantastic teams presented their “Vision for the Future” projects (Capture Creativity and Chooks for Books) which were displayed in an ideas’ expo held on the Saturday. Our teams presented their ideas with confidence, maturity and enthusiasm. On the Sunday the teams had to solve a long term problem and a spontaneous problem. 

The long term problems were very challenging!  Consider this. Many fairy tales teach a moral or a lesson. Traditional fairy tales are stories that date back to 1749! Times have changed, in fact nearly everything has changed since most of these tales were written. What might a fairy tale – written in 2050 – look like and sound like? And this! As Ecotopia Jones had earlier discovered, the Topi-Topi Tribe have a thing about pendulum technology. Ecotopia’s most recent expedition has unearthed another pendulum structure, which for some reason is used to cause the displacement of small objects in opposite directions! But just what are these small objects? Why do they need to be ‘displaced’ and most importantly, what happens when they are displaced?
These were precisely the dilemmas that the members of our Language Literature and Science Engineering teams faced! Team members could only use a few simple materials and had to solve all aspects of this complex problem within a three-hour time limit. Students had to incorporate their solution into a dramatic performance and create props and costumes as well! The students then presented their solution to a panel of judges and in front of an audience of hundreds of people.
Our Kuluin students proved to be wonderful ambassadors for our school and worthy representatives of the Sunshine Coast region. The team handled the demanding three-hour problem-solving situation admirably displaying productive group skills, problem solving strategies and a confident demeanour. The teams both gave very credible performances on the day and thoroughly enjoyed participating in this special event.
We are all immensely proud of the way our students conducted themselves. Their levels of maturity, commitment to hard work, co-operative team skills and pursuit of excellence were of the highest quality. 
Thank you to all our students for their dedication to the Opti-Minds process. I’m sure they have learned a great deal from their involvement. A special thank you to all our parent supporters. You were a fantastic cheer squad! Thank you also to our team facilitators, Liz Stunden, Julie Bowd, Janelle Neighbour and Denise McCormack. Your ongoing expertise, commitment and unwavering support are invaluable! Our teams’ ongoing successes could not occur without your involvement. May the Opti-Minds spirit be with you all! Bring on 2014!
Opti-MINDS State Finalists
Chelsea S Year 7, Jordan E Year  7
Clare H Year 7, Sophie K Year  6
Kayla A Year 6,  Harry S Year 6
Nikita F Year 5
Ryan M Year 7, Kate W Year  7
Ben T Year 7, Kaelan S Year 6
Georgia M Year 5, Lucy H Year 5
Ayden G Year 5,