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School Cross Country

Kuluin Cross Country 2016  Friday April 15  Back up April 22.
9:00am                        Year 3-6 Children assemble on hill
9:05am                        Welcome and procedures (Warm Up Starts)
9:15am                        Boys 12/13 Years 1.5km   (2003/2004)
9:27am                        Girls 12 Years  1.5km   (2004)
9:40am                        Boys 11 Years 1.5km   (2005)
9:52am                        Girls 11 Years  1.5km (2005)
10:05am                      Boys 10 Years 1.0km    (2006)
10:15am                      Girls 10 Years 1.0km   (2006)
10:25am                      Boys 9 Years    1.0km  (2007)
10:35am                      Girls 9 Years   1.0km   (2007)
10:45am                      Boys 8 Years    680m    (2008)
10:52am                      Boys 8 Years    680m    (2008)
(All children in year 3-6 should run in their age group).
Children turning 9 this year will run 1000m
Middle session Classes P-2 run in their class groups.
11:40                           Year 2 students arrive at the oval. Assemble near the taps and the shade area.
11:50am          2KS Boys
11:53am          2KS Girls
11:56am          2KO Boys
12:00pm          2KO Girls
12:06pm          2MB Boys       
12:10pm          2 MB Girls
12:10pm          Year 1’s arrive to oval
12:14pm          2FM Boys
12:18 pm         2FM Girls
12:22pm          2JS Boys
12:26pm          2JS Girls
12:29pm          1 JS Boys
12:33pm          1JS Girls
12:36pm          1 DH Boys
12:38pm          1 DH Girls
12:42pm          1 DR Boys
12:46pm          1 DR Girls
12:46pm          Preps arrive to the oval. Assemble near the taps and the shade area.
12:50pm          1NB Boys
12:54pm          1NB Girls
12:58pm          PJT Boys
1:01pm            PJT Girls
1:04 pm           PAK Boys
1:07 pm           PAK Girls
1:10pm            PTS Boys
1:13pm            PTS Girls
1:16pm            PKK Boys
1:20pm            PKK Girls
1:30pm            Sports Captains assist with packing up event.
(Ribbons  1st -5th)
In the 10, 11 and 12 years events the first 5 runners will be invited to represent our school at the Nambour District Cross Country on Friday May 6, 2016. The venue is the Bli Bli State School. 
The back -up date for the school cross country will be Friday April 22, 2016. Times will be advised if needed.