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Leadership Team

Corrie Connors

Deputy Principal

Jillian Kindt

Deputy Principal
Dale Wolfenden

My name is Dale Wolfenden I am the Deputy Principal for Prep-Year 3. I have worked at Kuluin as DP since 2012. My primary role is about ensuring students are SAFE, LEARNING & HAPPY. As part of my role as Deputy Principal I work closely with students, parents and staff to support to ensure we achieve positive outcomes for students. I take great pride in knowing students and parents  by name and work hard at developing positive relationships to support students and families.I work closely with staff to support and drive initiatives like The Kuluin Excellence Program and KAGAN Cooperative Learning.

Head of Curriculum
Rebecca Dehey

Head of Special Education Services
Cathy Taylor

This is my second year as Head of Special Education Services here at Kuluin State School. In this role I work with students who have disabilities and together with class teachers I plan and differentiate learning and assessment for students as well as provide resources to meet individual needs. I am a strong advocate for students with disabilities and their families and liaise with outside agencies as well as Education Queensland therapists, Guidance Officers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Advisory Visiting Teachers, Paediatricians and Psychologists.  It is a role I am passionate about and continue to grow and learn though my contact with students and their families. I believe we have an amazing team of people here at this school who work collaboratively to provide a unique and positive learning environment for a diverse range of students.

Our school’s fully inclusive model means that students with disabilities are in their mainstream classes working with their peers in all learning areas.  Diversity is valued and accepted.  One of the reasons that Kuluin is so successful at supporting students with disabilities is because we are a KAGAN school.  Students are taught through their cooperative learning groups to value opinions of others and to show respect for each other.  It is a proactive way of teaching creative and critical thinking skills as well as social skills to all students in an empathic and respectful manner. 

I am also a member of the Student Support Services Committee and the Wellbeing Professional Learning Team.  Both of these teams support the learning and emotional needs of both staff and students at Kuluin State School.

School Chaplain
Glen Chambers

Hi to all, my name is Glen Chambers the Kuluin Chappy. This is my Eleventh year of working in the Kuluin School and grateful to be part of this wonderful community.  My role encompasses such things as social /emotional support, educational support, social skills in small groups, mentoring, breakfasts, school and holiday camps and where possible link into existing or new school programs. In essence I seek to provide a listening caring presence for students facing hardship, crisis or at risk. This support can also extend to parents and staff.
For a student to access ongoing support the process involves parent permission and referral through Class teacher to the Student Support team who help co-ordinate the appropiate care. Any further questions about my role or ways I can support I am happy to catch up so please call the school so a time can be arranged.(M/W/F) For more info on Chaplaincy check out this report at: www.SUQLD.ORG.AU/SNAPSHOT

Guidance Officer

Tracy Axelson

Support Teachers: Literacy & Numeracy

Julie Bowd & Janelle Neighbour

A referral to the Support Service Committee might happen if a child is experiencing significant difficulties. 
Recommendations from such a referral may include a targeted programs such as small group support or inclusion into one of our evidence based programs such as MiniLit or MacqLit – targeting lower progress readers

Other support programs include – Support a Talker (supporting Oral language) and Support a Raeder Program which has our trained volunteers sharing a love of reading with our students in a 1:1 setting.

In addition to these programs the STLaNs meet regularly with teachers to discuss their class, the children within their class and how together we can best support all of the students at Kuluin.

Afterschool Care
Pam Kildey & Josh Adcock