Music Programs on Offer from Kuluin State School

Here at Kuluin School, we have a strong music ethos. We understand the value and importance of a musical education, which we know positively attributes to your child's academic and social development.

We offer several different music programs which are delivered by fantastic, devoted music teachers who have dedicated their lives to imparting their musical knowledge to the next generation of Australian musicians.

Conservatorium trained violinist, Karlee Hutchinson, heads our strings program. Karlee loves her work passionately and plays magnificently. She is often playing in productions and events around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in the holidays and on weekends.

The strings program on offer includes personal tuition in small groups to learn cello, double bass, viola and violin. The ensembles include beginner strings, chamber strings and senior strings.

Our ensembles, in both concert band and strings, are often involved in Eistedfodd, FanFare, Music by Moonlight, workshops, camps, regional performances and community/school performances.

Our concert band teacher Garry Buckley, has over 40 years of industry knowledge and has played on many a stage with many highly acclaimed artists. Garry has also taught at some of the leading campuses in Queensland. Being proficient on most woodwind and brass instruments, Mr Buckley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to musicianship and instrumental pedagogical approaches.

Garry still loves to play and has his roots in jazz, rock, funk and traditional.

Our music team likes to start scouting for musicians at the end of year 2 so they can begin learning their instrument in Year 3. If you would like to put forward your child's interest to learn an instrument as part of our instrumental program, you will find the necessary information here.

In addition to our two Instrumental programs, we also offer guitar tuition by local guitarist, Steve Schultz. Steve has been an affiliate with Kuluin School for many years, as his children went to school here many moons ago and Steve has always been a part of our music program since. Steve is still an active performer and loves teaching kids how to play guitar. You will find information on the guitar program attached, which can be delivered in conjunction with one of our other music programs.

We try to keep students within one program and not have them jump ship to another program, so we do try to ensure that each student enjoys their instrument wholeheartedly before we sign them off for a particular program.

All students at Kuluin School get the privilege to study and learn all about music each week with their classroom music teacher, Matthew Chapman. Matthew has had a love for music his whole life and always knew he wanted to be a music teacher from a young age. Matthew studied music extensively for 5 years and worked in the industry as a professional sound and lighting operator as well as a performing musician for 5 years. He holds his Master of teaching and proudly comes to work each day to teach kids all about the elements of music.

If you have any questions or queries about our music programs here at Kuluin State School, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email

Last reviewed 04 March 2021
Last updated 04 March 2021