Excellence programs



Gifted and talented students possess unique intellectual, social and emotional needs and abilities that can only be best met through strategic identification and differentiated educational learning opportunities.  It is therefore critical that schools optimise the learning conditions for our gifted and talented students so that their diverse abilities are not only acknowledged and valued, but also consciously developed. 

School provision for the education of gifted students must therefore maximise learning and individual development.  This will enable highly capable students to realise their contribution to both self and society. Pathways to excellence are initiated; developed; fostered and celebrated as gifted students strive for excellence through access to quality curriculum and expert teaching that facilitates optimal learning and achievement. We owe it to our gifted students to nurture their abilities, and we owe it to society to foster excellence and prepare tomorrow's leaders and innovators.​ 

At Kuluin State School, we believe that by creating a classroom culture based on a strong foundation of differentiated instruction in a cooperative learning environment we provide a classroom for all students to learn and grow.  We aim to complement the classroom environment by providing opportunities to motivate,
challenge and extend high
achieving students.

T​he Kuluin Vision

The Kuluin Excellence Program aims to view giftedness as a multi-faceted concept that includes intelligence, creative thinking and production. 

Our vision for students who are gifted is that they feel valued in a learning environment which both challenges and supports them to pursue excellence, develop a passion for lifelong learning and nurture their understanding of the importance of civic virtue.

The Kuluin Excellence Program aims to encourage highly capable students to:

  • actively pursue excellence
  • step out of their comfort zone
  • challenge themselves
  • take risks
  • reach new heights
  • maximise their quality of output in an area of expertise
  • utilise their abilities for the benefit of others

The Kuluin Excellence Program offers two distinct tiers of opportunities for talented and high achieving students.  Students in P - 3 participate in learning experiences that are part of our High Climbers' Club.  Students in 4 - 6 participate in learning experiences that are part of our High Flyers' Club. 

Tree of Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Excellence Programs.  Some of the opportunities are based on a selection process using specified criteria, demonstrated capacity or an audition process.  Other opportunities rely on self-nomination by students based on their interests or expertise.  Refer to the Tree of Opportunities diagram in this brochure.

Recognition of Achievement

It is important to build a school culture where individual student's strengths and talents, across all possible areas of performance, are universally applauded and recognised.  We want all students to see that pursuing excellence in any field of endeavour is worthwhile, not only for individual achievement, but for the betterment of society as a whole. 

At Kuluin, students who participate in programs that are part of the High Climbers' or High Flyers' Clubs will receive a special iron-on badge which is to be worn proudly on their school hat.  This small token gives a visual acknowledgement of a students' achievement in an area of strength, passion or expertise.

Last reviewed 24 August 2021
Last updated 24 August 2021