Why choose our school?

Our vision statement, "Together We Grow" encapsulates the sense of "family" that permeates The Kuluin School community. A community where students, parents and staff form an active partnership of life-long learning and where support, respect, effective communication and a sense of safety are the cornerstones for our academic, social and emotional growth.
We have all the resources of a large school, but have a small school "feel".
Kuluin is a place where...
  • People are courteous

  • The sounds of joy are heard

  • Helpful communication is practised

  • Three rules exist: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner

  • Students feel safe and secure

  • Parents and community are valuable and valued partners

What Makes Kuluin Successful?

Relationships, values and communication are actively taught.
Countless volunteers work in partnership with nearly 100 paid staff to create the sort of school where people want to be!
Strength in academic outcomes are very much part of what makes Kuluin, Kuluin.

Our Children & Parents Love Their School

We at The Kuluin School are justifiably proud of our continued success. Our students and parents have continually rated us well above the state average in satisfaction surveys conducted by the Queensland Department of Education & Training.
We frame our success around the principles of the You Can Do It Program:
  • Being Confident

  • Being Organised

  • Being Persistent

  • Being Resilient, and

  • Getting Along with others  

How The Kuluin School Can Benefit Your Family?

Kuluin is an inclusive school for the full range of children. We are totally committed to providing a challenging and achievable education for each and every child who enters our school. We strive for academic excellence.

We offer benefits to the whole family as we achieve our vision of “Together We Grow”.

Terrific Teachers Who Care For Kids

The Kuluin School Curriculum Program has a focus on the core areas of English, Maths, Science, History, SOSE, The Arts and HPE.

Smart Programs & Facilities

  • Preparatory (Prep) Year class since 2003

  • Playgroup for toddlers

  • All learning areas are connected to our high speed network and the Internet

  • All learning areas have audio visual facilities

  • Three Computer Labs & Flexible Learning Centre

  • Classroom Laptops and iPads 

  • Fully air-conditioned

  • Instrumental Music Program including a Concert Band & Rock Band

  • Numerous sporting programs

  • Multi-Age class options across upper year levels

  • Gifted & talented programs

  • Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) & Vacation Care

Smart Teachers, Smart Kids

  • NEiTA National Award for Innovation (Liz Stunden & Denise McCormack)

  • Winner of Information Communication Technologies Innovators Grant

  • Winner of National Literacy & Numeracy Week Achievement Award

  • Winner of Australian Government Quality Teacher Program Gifted & Talented Award

  • Opti-Minds State Finalists for the past 15 years

  • Winners Nestle Writing Competition

Last reviewed 01 April 2020
Last updated 01 April 2020